We have introduced a series of Online events focusing on 12 astrological signs and we have collected all the Online sessions in a user-friendly format. We will upload the last astrological signs with the coming seasons.

Ascension Astrology or Golden Age Astrology principles have been used to introduce each astrological sign and the theme of each month.

Each astrological season represents an opportunity for initiation into the specific traits of each sign and a possibility to release the challenging aspects of each sign.

Our astrological chart includes 12 planets, therefore our Sun sign is not defining the overall personality traits. In order to know our dominant elements, we need to look at our personal chart. Therefore, we suggest reviewing more talks and teachings than your main Sun sign.

Each lesson includes:

  • Centering Practice (Breathwork, Meditation, or Visualization),
  • Introduction to a specific Astrological sign,
  • Talk or presentation about the subject that is related to the theme of the month,
  • Guided meditative journey to release and heal the main aspects of the month.

Receive the Access

Diana Poulsen

Embodiment Teacher, Author, Consciousness Coach & Visionary Business Mentor

Diana is the founder of the Flair Academy, a company dedicated to helping individuals and teams to ignite their true purpose, actualize their vision, upgrade their visionary business and leadership skills, and evolve to new levels of energy mastery. She has walked her own path of inner alchemy for the last 10 years and has been supporting others in creating a conscious career, business, and personal life path for the last 7 years. 

David Daubin

Meditation Guide and Healer

David has traveled the path of awakening for several years and is now putting his experience and sensitivity to service. Trained in the Akashic records, in the healing of Light and meditation, David helps people to connect to their inner power and discover the Sun within.

What you'll learn about each season:

Aries Season. New Beginnings

Aries energy is of the Divine Initiator, it means that it gives us with the energy of starting new projects, new thought patterns, new visions, new ways of being.

Taurus Season. Materialization of Your Intentions

Taurus energy grounds us after the fiery Aries season, so we can materialize our deepest visions, and intentions. It enhances our self-worth, self-care, sensuality, and enjoyment of the material world.

Gemini Season. Feminine and Masculine within

Gemini is the sign of twins. This is the time when we come to create a synergy between our feminine and masculine, higher self and lower self, and bridge dualistic aspects within.

Cancer Season. Emotional Freedom

We are moving from the mental plane to the emotional plane. Cancer season invites us to the depth of emotional healing, self-love, nurturing of ourselves and others. It teaches us about the freedom to feel our feelings.

Leo Season. Self-leadership

When Leo Season starts, we know, that it’s time to shine our Light and lead our life! Leo invites to enjoy every moment of life, find play in our daily routines, embrace new levels of creative expression, and take teh center of the stage.

Virgo Season. Your True Purpose

Virgo season invites us to ground to earthly energy of Virgo and reconnect once again with the higher version of ourselves, our purpose, and our vision. This is the time to harvest what we planted earliest and clear the space for new.

Libra Season. Harmony in Relationships

Libra season invites us to find harmony in relationships with ourselves and others. Based on the Golden Age Astrology, Libra season initiates us into the acknowledgment of the mirror self.

Scorpio Season. Transformational Power

Scorio season is the time to claim our transformational power after balancing and harmonizing Libra month! Scorpio energies give us the most powerful time of karmic clearing, and let us use it mindfully!

Sagittarius Season. Freedom to Be You

Sagittarius season marks the coming rebirth. It ignites the fire to be true to ourselves, speak our truth and become our own teacher! Sagittarius leads us to the culmination stage of the cycle. It gives us an ENORMOUS opportunity to clear A LOT OF KARMA.

Capricorn Season. Commitment to Your Vision

Capricorn energy invites us to take our power back from the old stories, traumas, childhood wounds, relationships and come to the Divine power within. It grounds our visions, so we find the commitment to move through the obstacles and actualize our bigger vision.

Aquarius Season. Awakening to Your Truth

Aquarius is a Divine Awakener who is also teaching us both unconditional love and detachment. Aquarius season is a great time to think about thoughts and beliefs that are ready to change. It's also a great time to let go of and detach the old dogma's and rules.

Pisces Season. Loving Yourself Fully

Pieces season brings us a feeling of oneness, unity & spiritual wisdom. Pisces is also called a Divine Unifier. It brings us the energy of ascended wisdom and guides us to move beyond self-made limitations and separation. Pisces also represent emotions, oceans, and the initiation into unconditional love