Diana Poulsen

Ignite Your Purpose

We live in times of great change, which can bring us to the highest expression of ourselves beyond the old attachments and systems or the greater dispair. And we shall choose.

If you do not feel fulfillment at your current work, it's totally normal. I have been there and I understand.

Yet you might have an inner calling to make a change and align with your life’s work connected to your inner values, gifts, talents, and deep passion.

I have created this short yet deep course for the ones, who are looking for THAT SPARK OF INSPIRATION to take aligned actions towards their vision, intentions, and goals.

This course is the perfect mix of Strategy, Methods, and Practical Tips on how to prepare yourself for a shift in your career.

Wouldn’t it be nice to feel fully aligned with your work?

To feel fully authentic + develop a career path which both gives meaning to the world and people around you, ignites your true purpose and a spark within you?

You are here to experience that authentic flow and create a difference in your own unique way.

Yes, it’s time to step up and share your gifts with the world.

This course is for you if you are in a career that doesn't fulfill you, do the work that is connected to your shadow purpose (something you are good at, but you are not in the state of flow), or simply want to get inspired to deepen your purpose.

You are here to do an AMAZING job. Work what ignites your purpose and it’s designed for you.

It’s time to step into your power and create the inner transformation.

Ignite Your Purpose


I’ve created this special formula and it’s helped me and my clients to align with their purpose. You will:

> Learn how to ignite your purpose;

> Prepare mindset for a change;

> Build a career that feels aligned with your core values;

Learn about your money story and prepare your resources;

Heal your work-life history through energy methods;

Boost your energy to handle challenges, setbacks and prepare You for an energetic alignment with Your Life’s Work.

Plus… You can do it anywhere..any time.

This is a 3-Week ONLINE COURSE. You will receive recorded video sessions, pdf files, and worksheets during the first 3 weeks and you can book an individual one-on-one session with me at the end of the training.

The first three weeks will be your self-study weeks while the fourth week is an optional individual session with me + Intuitive Akashic Record Reading + Evaluation of Your Astrological Chart + Your Life Purpose Path for your subconscious healing including strategy for creating your change!

During these weeks you will receive:

  • A recording of the lessons,
  • Workbooks in PDF format,
  •  Theoretical background in upper limit beliefs, money story, core wounds, energy management, and more,
  • Affirmation sheet,
  • Optional personalized one-on-one session.

The Three Modules inside the Course:

Remembering Your Purpose

During this module you will ignite your purpose again, remember what has brought you here and why you want to do something different! We will also let ourselves dream about our perfect day what feels aligned with purpose and inner values.

We will look at your financial situation, money beliefs and how you need to plan your resources, so you have all what it is necessary to make career changes.

This will be a grounding and building block for the next talks and practices.

Mindset and Inner Blocks

During this lesson you will learn how to create the right mindset in the midst of change, how you can shift your subconscious beliefs.

It’s all about making your mind strong and powerful yet flexible to hold the changes needed. What do you need to do today, so your mind is clear, focused and directed towards your visions? We will look through the core upper limiting beliefs, core wounds and mindset work, so we can create a deeper transmutation process for the changes to come.

Your Energetic State

Do you know these days when you look at a mirror you have this sinking feeling? And then there are days when everything is flowing, you feel like you are the most attractive being in the world? Even your face looks exactly the same? It’s energy.

Once you are aligned with your core, and work through your energetic blockages, you will feel more energetic, vibrant, and ready to attract opportunities on your way. Learn more about your core frequency, micro and macro energy management and finding energetic balance within.