For as long as I remember, I could always call myself a visionary.

I always had a vision, an intention, a dream, something that was bigger than me.

Something that inspired me to grow, evolve and achieve.

Through the years of spiritual practices, training, and self-development.

I have refined my visions, they no longer belong to me.

They have become a greater calling for the change that involves us all.

But even my visions have changed.

I have created a powerful roadmap that connects almost two decades of

Gradual actualisation of my visions.

“Vision without action is merely a dream. Action without vision just passes the time. Vision with action can change the world.” Joel A. Barker

Over a lifetime of actualizing my visions (there is always the next level vision), I have come to the point where I felt like simplifying everything. 

After a decade of training, studies, and supporting other people in personal and spiritual growth, I was guided to come back to the basics of the five core elements - earth, water, fire, air, and space and align the structure of my teachings to the union of the core elements.

When you know how to balance your elements, you will know your authentic roadmap to the success of your vision

I have been practicing different forms of yoga, breathwork, and embodiment practices for almost 15 years and I am a strong believer that we need body-mind-heart balance to cultivate the energy of our highest vision. I feel honored to introduce the fastest known to me embodiment method that will support you in bringing your highest vision to reality through sound, movement, breathwork, and quantum healing.

This is an invitation to the journey through the five core elements embracing the aspects of grounding, healing, knowing, materializing, and rejoicing our vision through the Quantum Flow embodiment method, healing journeys, and strategic realignment.

As you know the clear roadmap to your vision, dream, or next project, you will no longer need endless coaching, business or career mentoring, and strategy programs. The clarity, commitment, and empowered action will be inside of you.


Your Vision comes from your True Self

Your True Self starts to shine when you let go of the old stories that kept you in addictive and limiting patterns.

Your True Power is the force removing the obstacles to bringing your vision to reality.

Your True Success is an ability to materialize the visions and ideas that come to you.

Allow yourself to envision, evolve and lead


Module 1: Earth

Creating the stable ground for Your Vision 

Module 2:  Water

Emotional Freedom: releasing what is holding your back

Module 3:  Air

Clarity on Your true purpose, higher vision, and aligned strategy

Module 4: Fire

The power to transform obstacles and take aligned actions

Module 5: Space

Space. Reevaluate, Rest and Receive


Basic Option

  • Recorded Teachings on the Core Aligned Strategy Aspects of Your Vision
  • 5 x Quantum Flow Live Group Sessions
  • 5 X Live Group Healing Sessions
  • Private Group to Receive 5 Weeks Support
  • Accountability Partner Peering
  • 1-1 Personalised Success Alignment Session (30 min)
  • Early Bird Gift: 2 Group Purpose Alignment Sessions
  • Telegram Support Channel for 5 weeks
  • Financial Assessment and Planning Session with Martin Poulsen.

373 EUR

430 USD / 2774 DKK

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Extra Option

VIP 1:

  • Basic Option
  • Telegram Support Channel for 5 weeks
  • Financial Assessment and Planning Session with Martin Poulsen

177 EUR

204 USD / 1316 DKK

VIP 2:

  • Basic Option
  • Financial Assessment and Planning Session with Martin Poulsen
  • Telegram Support Channel for 5 weeks

133 EUR

153 USD / 989 DKK



Early Bird + VIP 1

220 EUR

*2 time monthly payment 115 EUR + 115 EUR

Early Bird + VIP 2

264 EUR

*2 time monthly payment 135 EUR + 135 EUR

Early Bird + VIP 1 + VIP 2

441 EUR

*2 time monthly payment 225 EUR + 225 EUR



550 EUR

*2 time monthly payment 282 EUR + 282 EUR


506 EUR

*2 time monthly payment 259 EUR + 259 EUR


683 EUR

*2 time monthly payment 344 EUR + 344 EUR

What clients say about the course?

"I immediately felt a sense of appeasement. I am new to QF and was focused on following the guidance which was very easy to follow, while doing the exercises, and well instructed. Calm and clear. I felt like opening myself totally, giving up control and welcoming the new energy flowing within me. The breathing and sounds from the voice have a very liberating power, as it is something I never do in my everyday life. I need to do more!"

- Cynthia Bodin (Designer, France)

“The practice itself was flawless, and the quality of the session was excellent. I loved how confident and experienced the Instructor was. In addition, a lot of good things happened to me the very same day, so I believe the practice worked quite well.”

- Ekaterina Zamiriakina (Graphic Designer, Finland)

"I thank Diana so much for such a good introduction to Quantum Flow. I felt so relaxed and energized after the session, and the effects lasted. I learned from this session the power of meditation and breathing exercises on the body more than any other meditation session I found online. Totally recommend Diana and Quantum Flow :)"

- Assia Bakrim (IT Manager, Sweden)

About me

Diana Poulsen is an Embodiment Teacher, an Author, a Consciousness Coach, and a Visionary Business Mentor.

She is the founder of the Flair Academy, a company dedicated to helping individuals and teams to ignite their true purpose, actualize their vision, upgrade their conscious business and leadership skills, and evolve to new levels of energy mastery. 

Driven by a desire to create a career and life path that aligns with her essence and meaningful aspects of life, Diana decided to leave her previous career as a business developer and team leader, and embark on the journey of inner alchemy, transmutation, and transformation while taking different pieces of training, doing group and solo retreats in India, Europe, and Caribbean islands.

Now Diana has supported a number of teams and individuals in creating a conscious career and personal life path through 1-1 coaching containers, workshops, programs, inspirational talks and articles and retreats. She is ever evolving in her work and combines the wisdom of the Ancient traditions, the new energy mastery methods, spiritual psychology, her intuitive skills with down-to-earth business development and financial planning approaches, and experience.

Our Guest Speakers

What clients say about the course?

"Following the course was very rewarding for me! I was able to learn more about myself and my personal goals. It allowed me to have a clearer vision of what I want for myself and for the place I live in. I would recommend it to anyone. Even if you don't think you need it; everyone can benefit from the course, in a way or another. Thank you, Diana!"

- Mathilde Demonty

" I loved all about it. I have worked with many spiritual people, and Diana is without doubt the one that opened my mind and spirit the most. Both through the course and one-to-one sessions. She is just amazing with a beautiful soul and spirit."

-Lasse Nørmark

"Quantum Flow Session was definitely one of the most powerful things I have tried. During the session I could really feel that my body was letting go of a lot of stored energy and Diana was great at coaching me and giving me time to really dive deep into the practice. I was very impressed and I recommend it to everybody who is ready for a change"

- Ana Cobzac